The product samples from China have arrived! The toenail drill, a series of podiatry bits and burrs and a speciality toenail clipper all sit quietly on a shelf in my closet-ready to be tested and used. My startup company, Kethari, is now in the stage of the creation of our minimum viable product (MVP for short), a version of a product with just enough features to be usable by early customers who can then provide feedback for future product development-a crucial aspect of an early stage startup’s success.

Before my Co-Founder and I can market and sell our first product line we must first ensure:

  • The product samples perform as proposed
  • Are safe, effective and simplistic
  • Podiatry, medial-grade quality
  • Sleek, modern and attractive
  • Easy for a runner use
  • Not intimidating

These formative features, among many other things, are just a few of what a Kethari product should embody. In order for a runner to be pleased with the purchase of one of our products, the user experience must be impeccable, solve the runners toenail and ultimately fulfill a need a customer has.

Since the product samples were, in many ways, the solution to a personal problem, I will first test the samples on myself and then formulate a small-scale focus group made up of other runners predicated on the idea that Kethari could solve a problem they possessed too. This “focus group” is helpful because I can garner immediate feedback, spread the word about my company and progress with the creation of our minimum viable product.

Within a couple weeks, if the product sample testing process goes as planned, we should be able to order several bulk orders from our manufacturers, high-quality private label packaging to coincide with it and formal brand launch on social media as well. So much relies on successful product development. If a company’s product or service is put together and executed well, everything else within the organization can flow as it should.

I’m excited for what the future holds and the possibility of creating a product runners can fall in love with. Helping people is fulfilling-especially when it’s tied to something I’m passionate about and personally invested in.

College Student and Entrepreneur